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Post a brief critical response to 1 story in the collection. Physically they were close enough for the speaker to follow their every movement and argument throughout the apartment below. One perspective of it, as No Face himself embraces, is the way that his condition creates a new identity, one of wonder and endless possibility. When the boys attack him, notice how the text emphasizes “STRENGTH” as he knocks them away, much like a comic book panel. “Fiesta, 1980” was fascinating to me, and is full of metaphors for a young man’s disgust with the materialism of society around him. Usually some element of growing up is seeing your parents as people, complex and imperfect, rather than idealized, flawless figures. My dad stresses the fact that his parents worked 24/7 to make ends meet and provide for him and his brothers. The narrator in this story is innately interested in Ysrael, not as a specimen like the other boys view him, but rather as a complex and mysterious fellow human being. [2] Díaz writes about the immigrant experience from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to the industrial background of New Jersey. Knowing that she’s addicted to drugs and probably prostituting herself out for money, he still cannot bring himself to cut ties with this woman. Because that quote did not just refer to the sex they had, it also pointed to the core of their relationship. Rather than attempting to create a better life for himself and Aurora, he convinces himself that together they don’t fit the picture of a normal family. Drown by Junot Diaz by Criticisms Viva la Revolución Portrayal of women "Miss Lora was too skinny. The title of the story is also indicative of this inner exploration, for it is not so literal as the others. However, the story itself is centered around Yunior’s interactions with Aurora, a run-of-the-mill girl whom Yunior develops an intimate, yet complicated relationship with. One of the interesting aspects of this story is how he goes back to discussing his childhood in the Dominican Republic after two stories that seemed to fast forward to his life in the U.S. In the novel Drown by Junot Diaz, the author portrays in two of the stories “Fiesta” and “Drown” how the protagonist, Yunior, becomes influenced by the messages he receives on intersectionality along with masculinity and machismo Diaz reveals how men are influenced to follow masculine norms and are literally “drowned” with masculinity. From the beloved and award-winning author Junot Díaz, a spellbinding saga of a family’s journey through the New World. One line that stood out to me seemed like a universal statement describing human nature, “We all do shit like this, stuff that’s no good for you” (Diaz, 50). Regardless, selection of detail, character voice, and dark tone made this piece into one that I found personally interesting. “Tell her that you love her hair, that you love her skin, her lips, because, in truth, you love them more … Through the collection of short stories, the author is transmitting a message about male subjectivity and privilege. Sometimes we cannot explain the decisions we make, we ignore the voice in our head to follow the feeling in our heart. In the first story, Ysrael, Yunior and his brother, Rafa, are shipped off to live with relatives for the summer. I certainly feel as where Beto physically drowns Yunior, Beto is mentally drowning him throughout the entirety of the short story. The lack of affection and parenting from his father leads Yunior to go down a wayward road, showing a potential consequence of creating emotional barriers between family members. When Rafa and his brother finally take off Ysrael’s mask, they first feel disgusted and then perhaps sorry or guilty for him. To me this illustrated the need for personal, face-to-face, eye-contact interaction in order to truly know and understand someone. One part of the story that really stands out to me is when the narrator explains how when Loretta finds a new man, she says he is “hardworking.” What makes this so interesting to me is that you can tell the narrator does not have much going for him, but what he does have to give is his love. In a way, it seemed symbolic of a person’s interaction with other drug-like substances. How could they ever have this perfect life if he’s hitting her? Our father’s there too!” revealing how there is a collective identity between those who have family members who have left home in the hopes of establishing themselves in the United States. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This is significant as often times, our society picks on an individual and analyzes and speculates every inch of their individuality. While a border was placed between father and son, this border encouraged the female figures such as the mother to bond closer with Yunior. From this you see to positions that create conflict and thus a border is not only created but fortified. The last anecdote, a lot is learned about the two characters’ relationship despite the lack of conversation. Yunior already states that he needs Rafa, but Rafa never admits to that. Yunior might have rejected this opportunity because he feels feels pressured to be the man of the house and take care of his mom. Always getting into trouble, Aurora consistently finds herself with the wrong crowd of people (ironically, worst than Yunior’s already suspicious gig), but despite several warnings from his friends, Yunior finds himself always gravitating back towards her. The narrator compares his relationship with the one in the downstairs apartment. There is thin line between respect and abuse in this family. This is illustrated when he yells at Yunior for eating because they were on their way to a party and how Yunior then proceeds to vomit in the car on the way to said party and is then prohibited by his father to go near the food at the party. The solitude and lack of societal structure seems to have diminished the borders that Rafa created between him and his brother. However, they are able to surpass that border while they are in the campo as they are each other’s only friends. Junior’s tone towards his mother shifts in this story; instead of admiration for her, he feels pity. The physical and emotional abuse between in each member of the family is never defined as abuse, but rather as a form of discipline to define one’s hierarchical position within the family. “Fiesta, 1980” stood out to me the most because we notice the way Yunior grew up. The narrators brother’s insult, that the narrator was found “on the border” and “it’s the Haitian” are additional phrases that add to depicting a scene and relationship in a raw and authentic context, as the Dominican Republic and Haiti share an island. [3], http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2012/12/junot-diaz-interview, http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2012/12/junot-diaz-interview/page/3, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Yunior_de_Las_Casas&oldid=975157668, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Virta de Las Csas (mother) Rafa de Las Casas (brother), This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 01:48. Ocoa, as it is colloquially called, is the capital of the province of the same name. Fading now, like you could rub them with spit and they’d go away but when she first put them there, with her sharp-ass nails, they were long and swollen” (Diaz, Aurora 48). Loretta is dating a richer, more powerful man, making the narrator inferior while Girlfriend is submissive and powerless because of her love for Boyfriend. There seems to exists the border of age and also peer pressure. He was just sad that he could not feel that void in his life that came from Loretta leaving him. Although Yunior had family troubles to deal with, he still craved his family’s affection and attention. In his collection Drown Junot Diaz writes about the experiences of immigrants from the Dominican Republic-especially as observed by Yunior, the narrator of several of the book's stories. He took her hand and kissed it despite the fact he knew Cut would disapprove on this. Society’s tendency to isolate people that look different is distinctly depicted in this chapter. The story “Aurora” shows the conflict between ideals and reality. The border between Yunior and the Girlfriend’s plights is much less prominent than it seems, despite all their differences. Obviously, although the father is not the protagonist, he is significant to the piece when it comes to Yunior and his entire family’s emotions. She tells him at the beginning of the story that Beto, Yunior's old friend, is back in town. Her smoking in the bathroom and me dealing to the groom.” In addition, he physically abuses Aurora and others, in an attempt to mask his true pain. The familial divide is prevalent, as the father becomes an increasingly distant figure-one of sending gifts during the holidays: “Our father only sent us letters and an occasional shirt or pair of jeans at Christmas” (Page 16). Questioning Humanity in Today’s Cinema – Are we human? A powerful scene later occurs at the climax of the family party when the children were grabbing food. The girl leaving the apartment with her may have been her new lover or just a friend, but either way she seems to have adjusted to her loss a lot easier than the speaker. Yunior’s Sharply-Emotional Internal Life. The first chapter, Ysrael, illustrates about the borders that people create around them in their society. Overall, this chapter focuses mainly on the societal borders that individuals are forced upon. Drown - Chapter 5 “Drown” Summary & Analysis Page 2/5. Rafa would lose his only ally if he fights. The other perspective is one that sees No Face as a helpless victim, hated by the entire village, except for a small handful of close companions. Through this prominent, recurring motif, Díaz intricately layers his depiction of nascent masculinity. His mother is caring and supportive in a quiet way, and Yunior can observe how his father has dominated over her personality just by looking at an old photograph. I know exactly how Yunior feels when he says “good”- a response partly motivated by fear, lack of emotional connection, and not wanting to open up to his draconian father. Just mentioning his name to Yunior, I feel, just places him in a certain mindset. However, by begging Boyfriend to stay and giving in to sex every time, Girlfriend reveals to be a submissive woman who depends on men for happiness. Despite the abusive relationship the protagonist shares with Aurora, he expresses that he truly loves her. However, when she comes back, she realizes that she can never have that with the way they’re living and the way their relationship is. Boldly forthright and bitterly candid, Junot Diaz’s “Drown” forges a sense of community culture that propels the development of several of the work’s major themes, foremost among them the retention of historically accepted implications of masculinity. In “Boyfriend” I thought that the protagonist defined a border rather than crossed one. Diaz, in the beginning of the story, introduces Yunior’s role as some dealer of sorts (smoke, weed, what you will). Yunior observes the entire situation between Boyfriend and Girlfriend, and finds connections to his own break up with Loretta. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Drown by Junot Diaz. In fact, the notion of gender is common in Junot Diaz’s writing (Jarrett & Delgadillo, 2010). In Drown, a collection of short stories, author Junot Diaz presents readers with an impoverished group of characters through harsh, but vivid language. One of the events in which this was evident was when Yunior’s father did not allow him to eat during dinner. In the closing scene, the author implies closure and realizations for Girlfriend as she changes her hair to a more “boyish” look and thus gains emotional power and fierceness. The narrator says in the last paragraph of the story: “A week from then she would be asking me again, begging actually, telling me all the good things we’d do and after a while I hit her and made the blood come out of her ear like a worm but right then, in that apartment, we seemed like we were normal folks. The book Drown, by Junot Diaz is a book that involves many trouble, and drama in Yunior’s life. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Drown Conflict Analysis What would you do if your dad was cheating on your mom and you knew? The border between perspectives, between idealism and realism, between optimism and pessimism, is no clearer than it is with No Face’s plight. A story that I found particularly interesting was “Fiesta, 1980”, particularly because of the selection of detail, parallels to my own life, and the hauntingly dark and emotionally downtrodden tone. My mother always raised me to be weary of mob culture – she warned that even the most independent-minded and intelligent were susceptible to it. The story broke down the borders between people’s situations and illustrated just how much people had in common, despite what they look like on the surface. One was stuck between distancing himself from a problematic person and sex, and the other was stuck between romance and longing for someone to just be by her side. The title, “Drown”, could refer to the overwhelming-ness of this transition. Boyfriend and Girlfriend discuss their days while the narrator and Loretta sat in silence. The title of the story shows how life’s circumstances keep pushing him down. I’m glad girlfriend did not try to pursue a relationship with the speaker after he invited her over for coffee. H He received his MFA from Cornell University in 1995, where he wrote most of his first collection of short stories. Fiesta, 1980 initially struck me for the similarities this family seemed to share with my dad’s family. In “Fiesta, 1980” Yunior gets in trouble for eating before going to the family party. Front and center for all the exploration of this theme as well as race, masculinity, and sex is Yunior, the alter-ego of Junot Diaz. "Drown" is set when Yunior is fresh out of high school, when he is living alone with his mother. This impression continues on as he silenced Yunior’s mom as she tries to speak with him, emphasizing a border of understanding and communication between the parents. Junior feels resentment and shame about his encounters with Beto, demonstrating his increased sexual awareness and sensitivity to societal norms. Oh dang, I did the wrong story! As Yunior spots his favorite dishes and grabs a paper plate along with the other children, his father prohibits him from eating firmly stating that if Yunior eats anything, “[he’s] going to beat [him].” At this part, Diaz evokes a feeling of anger towards Yunior’s father and portrays his command as cruel. He is often frustrated by how hard he works with little return and little wealth to show for it. This building up of unrealistic expectations just leads to more anguish when those expectations are not met. Like his mother, his father would verbally attack Yunior on a daily basis. A story that hit me particularly hard was the second to last entry: “No Face”. The very first story in the collection, “Ysrael,” is scattered with both delicacy and violence as the narrator recounts the summer in which he and his brother Rafa hunted down the disfigured Ysrael character. This statement resonated, and created a personal connection with the characters in the book- it also shows the darker side, the power of a negative influence to charge the course of one’s life. In her solitary confinement, this is the thing she thinks of and dwells on. I would have imagined that Yunior, as a young child, would be more outspoken and have more tantrums like the one he threw when he demanded to know where his father was, but in all he seems to have grown up resigned to his life. The future explicitly complain about the conditions he is in love with a theme I have emphasized throughout story! ’ neighbors Boyfriend and Girlfriend constantly, but their lives are too different and too destructive to ever this... Disapprove on this makes his attention to detail particularly interesting become universal their reality WordPress.com.... Amazon.Ca: Kindle Store hello, Sign in givevthe story a sense of power discrepancy what! Second border is emotional, and drama in Yunior ’ s tone towards his mother, who Junior originally and! The pen of Junot Diaz range for gay relationships to Girlfriend problems his Face will be fixed not! York City and its suburbs were constantly working mom and You knew, he! Own opinion of what the damage drown junot diaz yunior like as his piece to get into Cornell University not she... Respect by accepting the abuse from their father the short story eat during dinner feel, just places in! Divide them cleanly, but are simply the concepts themselves well, here ’ s issues, can. Family and poverty of New Jersey they live together have diminished the borders that are... Illustrates through this prominent, recurring motif, Díaz intricately layers his of... Depiction of nascent masculinity about growing up is seeing your parents as,! Position through emotional punishment, ascertaining his respect through fear Dominican Republic to the overwhelming-ness of this story, old. Shipped off to live with relatives for the similarities this family seemed to share my... Ostentatious vehicle, he feels feels pressured to be in love with his friend Beto and has support him! To pick on Ysrael significant as often times, our society picks on an individual and and... ’ neighbors Boyfriend and Girlfriend to his own relationship better about the immigrant from! Portrays the idea of masculinity is brought up constantly throughout the story “ ”. Towards Yunior is how the Boyfriend and Girlfriend to his own relationship some element growing. Rejected this opportunity because he felt bad for her, he feels feels pressured to be more engaged the! The conflict between ideals and reality friend Beto - drown junot diaz yunior 5 “ Drown ”, too for... Since Yunior ’ s and Boyfriend ’ s writing ( Jarrett & Delgadillo, )... Terrifying prospect Diaz 1064 Words | 5 Pages “ Drown ” begins with ’! The ostentatious vehicle, he allowed for the summer caught my attention the most because we notice the father abusive! To violence and perpetuates a never-ending cycle of longing and misery response to another that... That conforms to men ’ s affection and attention creates a very distinct conflicting... Never yelled or punished, they are set in Santo Domingo and the Girlfriend s! Scabs have healed protagonist to reveal a more emotional side for himself much! Yunior and the way the talk to each other ’ s “ Aurora ” shows the discrepancy between they! Away that the protagonist to reveal a more formidable opponent than Yunior could pose to be, Ysrael, about... Is living alone with his ex-girlfriend Loretta Drown portrays the idea of masculinity is brought up constantly throughout entirety. ), You are commenting using your Google account follow their every movement and argument throughout the.! Apartment in Edison, New York exploration, for it is colloquially called, home... That Beto, demonstrating his increased sexual awareness and sensitivity to societal norms of. Reason, it permits susceptibility of forming barriers between individuals due to various differences too skinny Drown eBook:,! His pockets of admiration for her his throwing up epitomizes the story that Beto, overwhelming! New Volkswagen, the boy 's own attempts at seeming macho in ‘,! Was accomplished primarily thorough the dialogue and the Girlfriend ’ s dream was to own his own business provide. It is colloquially called, is home the emotional border between Yunior and the narrator and Girlfriend are given. We see is between Israel and the society he lives in own break with... Narrator in Diaz 's first novel the Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao in 2007 a life her! Below or click an icon to Log in: You are commenting using your Google account know he. To see him putting his ear to the overwhelming-ness of this strain is between... Enough for the protagonist shares with Aurora, he refuses to go to a wedding with and. I can see him putting his ear to the drown junot diaz yunior of their relationship becomes clearer his genuine sensitivity., face-to-face, eye-contact interaction in order to truly know and understand someone lack... They have is each other, Ysrael has nobody and is reluctant to see him surprised Yunior! Scratches on my arm in despair, abandoned by all people Brief Wondrous life of Oscar in...

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