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Don‘t put too much emphasis on performance. Sony A7RIII infinity focus question Jul 6, 2018 1 ... Or do I have something messed up with my manual focus? Don’t know what it is, but the impact is undeniable. All like to use manual lenses and have a passion for the outdoors. I believe there is no requisites or at least I didn’t see that anywhere. On my Mark III everything on infinity focus is noticeably blurry. Very nice summary. You want to rewrite it or some other entries? No matter, it is the impact on the viewer that leaves them saying ‘oh, wow’. Think about your whole kit and not just ndividual lenses. If I don‘t need 2.8 would you go for the Sony 70-200 F4 or the new Tamron (70-180)? Buy a lens because you actually need it. Let’s take a look at Pro’s of 28-75 and see how those apply to 28-200. Hi Reinhard, Recommendation: if you are looking for a great performing modern UWA with AF. A good option for who’s on a budget and want a portrait lens with great bokeh. Recommended to: Anybody who needs a very good and versatile 40mm performer and who is not put off by the strange AF issues. A tripod with a gimbal can help here for stationary work. Hi this review has helped me a lot with deciding on lenses as I move to full-frame for my landscape photography hobby. For a back focus issue, select (-) increment values. If you purchase the lens through one of thee affiliate-links in this article we get a small compensation with no additional cost to you. To begin, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us readers. 3) And this is the most important one – I wrote “none of us is personally using a superzoom” Why? I am curious about my next purchase. Nabil. Ps if you know of anyone who has had luck repairing these lenses I’d love to know, I’m having trouble here in Australia. Problem is that this isn't working well and my pictures aren't in focus. Recommendation: This affordable and tiny lens comes with a number of compromises to achieve a very small size. It replaced my Sigma 35 Art for astrophotography because of even better coma correction. I didn’t realize it doesn’t have electrical contacts. Recommendation: If you are more serious about macro work this is your best lens in the system but it also works well for landscape and portrait work. the lenstip review). I was looking for an Article like this for a long time. Length: 91mm | Diameter: 78mm | Weight: 635g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (March 2018): 999€/$999 +61 417 010 506. – odd sun stars. Thank you for the excellent overview. | | B&H (affiliate Links). And the images that comes with the reviews are always very good as well. The replacement lens developed the same problem so it’s gone to an outside repairer, although as David said and I also argued with sony, it probably needs to go back to the factory. Thats interesting and good news! It’s on market already: I have a question regarding the telezooms for the system. Dear Phillip, You and your team is doing really awesome work. Originally I thought the 10-200mm f4 would be a good fit, but based on what I’ve read here and elsewhere I feel like it might not be worth the price tag for either of the 70-200 lenses. Recommendation: The manufacturer’s first E-mount lens only weights 550g which could make it an attractive lens for those who want a fast standard zoom but don’t want to carry the heavy GM 2.8/24-70. Here I can get a larger range, but at the cost of a stop (but improved IBIS). Currently, I have a Sony fe lens 28-70 mm f / 3.5-5.6 oss (it weighs approximately 300 grams length of 8 centimeters) and I would like to buy a better lens, the best macro, macro lenses that interest me weigh from 602-625 grams (Sony fe 90 mm f / 2.8 and Voigtlanger 6 5mm f / 2.0) – the question is whether these lenses will not be too heavy for sony alpha 7 I. (Direct Manual Focus): Allows you to use manual focus and auto focus in combination. I hope this article stays a negative exception and you follow your testing otherwise well done tests. Thanky you for the update. Review | | B&H | | (affiliate links). Length: 205mm | Diameter: 94mm  | Weight: 1395g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (March 2018): 2899€/$ Length: 46mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 215g | Filter Thread: 55mm | Price (November 2020): $549 The minimum focusing distance is written on the front or side of the lens. The sample of the MKII I bought was decentered so I had to return it.. The Sony A7R II features a pretty sophisticated hybrid autofocus system with a whopping 399 focus points for phase-detection autofocusand if the camera switches to contrast-detection AF, there are 25 available focus points. Length: 141mm | Diameter: 91mm | Weight: 1225g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price (June 2019): $1399 But in saying that, it is entirely consistent with there being compromises I wouldn’t want to make in normal shooting situations. Recommended to: Anyone looking for an outstanding all purpose manual wide-normal lens which gives them both a wide aperture look for environmental portraits and other bokeh-centric images, as well as great modern performance stopped down. BUT I usually enjoy the results I get with it a lot so it is one of two FE lenses I have owned for more than a year. Length: 123mm | Diameter: 88mm | Weight: 835g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price (November 2020): $1099 I know a pro who sold off his 18mm and 35mm batis for the 16-36GM and he does not regret his decision. I personally think the lens has a design fault, 70-200 gm. Length: 130.5 mm | Diameter: 79mm | Weight: 602g | Filter Thread: 62mm | Price (June 2019): $998 Recommendation: unfortunately not a GM, but if you need a 35mm f/1.4 with a very reliable and fast AF may still be worth a look. But this time I have also some small critisism: I feel that the 50 1.4 is the way to go considering the focusing speed. regards,Dan, Could you please add the link to review of Sigma Art 1.4/35? I never know if my focus is still at infinity after I adjusted the focal length, the risk of touching the focus ring is so high when wearing gloves in the dark. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Recommendation: It offers outstanding performance and very shallow depth of field but weigths about as much as two bricks. Length: 149mm | Diameter: 81mm | Weight: 805g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (November 2020): $1199 Is the sharpness of the Sony 28mm f2 similar with the Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 or is there a very big difference ? Versatile and fun lens, but comes with a few compromises. I wonder what we have in the secondary market is not actually sold Loxia 25/2.4 but Batis 25/2 on the contrary keeps appearing in the ads. The next time you’re in Morocco, let me buy you a coffee or something. As far as sharpness is concerned the Loxia and the 12-24 are very close which is an astonishing feat by the 12-24. The link beneath the 2.8/400 points to a Laowa lens. This small and slow 45mm 2.8 is a strong contrast compared to the fast yet huge Sigma Art primes. It was obvious that once the L bayonet was created and the 45 sigma appeared, Sigma would release more in that line. Hopefully this and your experience won’t happen to anyone else. Really glad I came across your website. You may also notice the word or infinity symbol on one of your camera lenses. However, your comment below reeks of pretentiousness and ignorance: “…we already see the idea of a superzoom as too much of a compromise, because what this lens can do you do not need a full frame camera for, you can just as well use an A6000 series camera with an 18-135mm lens”. not low contrast), Cateyes at f2.8 same as 2/135 Apo Sonnar at f2 (this is not really a weakness in one sense: to get the cateyes at f2.8 the same as the f2 lens would require a front element the same size as the f2 lens, so you may as well have the bigger f2! Suits the A7r3 perfect. Recommended to: astrophotographers and everyone else looking for a versatile UWA prime. This is a great contribution to the SONY community. And now we have 4 and more to come. I also have the Batis 135/2.8, so I can value the quality of the results. I think there’s no big difference for portraits but astrophotography is really specific. A little over $1000 though. Recommendation: the first actually decent fast telezoom for E-mount. Review | | (Affiliate links). To learn what focal lengths and  apertures you use most and what characteristics you care about in a lens we can only recommend to get one lens at a time and to really learn to know it. Furthermore, we don’t have broad enough video competence and therefore don’t comment on the Fuji/Zeiss/Sigma Video lenses. Anyway, I have been doing tons of research into lenses for when I make the jump and had a few questions on your opinion. Makes Noise when focusing Not because the image quality is not sufficient here, but rather because the maximum aperture drops fast as you start to zoom. Recommended to: Photographers who don’t print large often and value flexibility as well as small size. If it was tested against a bunch of high-quality primes, then of course it’s highly compromised. Using an 85m 1.8 instead of either does make a big difference. Has it de-clicked aperture? Finally, the lens does not shot at f/2 when focusing closer than a couple of meters or so. Review | Sample images | B&H | | | | Make sure to get the FE+ version! FYI – I’ve been exploring manual focus with my canon lenses and the fotodiox adapter. Our Review | | | | (affiliate links). Length: 120mm | Diameter: 99mm  | Weight: 614g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (March 2018): 1999€ I seek recommendations on a wide angle sharp lens. There is a lot of Minolta and Sony A-mount glass that actually communicate electronically via the LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 adapter (As this was your stated criteria). Review | | | | (affiliate links), Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 STM AF PFU RBMH / Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8II FE. I would personally love the “Voigtländer 4.5/15”, Although it is of manual focus but it is pocket friendly. Large and heavy in absolute terms (although lightest and smallest lens in class). Phillip’s Review | | | Ebay | B&H (affiliate links). As much as I would love to have the Loxia 21mm, and as good as it is indeed, you should add to the cons the rather steep price, as you did with the Loxia 25mm to be fair. Length: 73mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 210g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (November 2020): $299 What is your source on the weight? We have other guides where other lenses are considered but I don‘t think that it would make sense to include even more lenses in this list. Not sure if I want to fuss around with setting the IBIS every time I put it on the A7RII. Welcome to the review section of my website. A shame really, because when they work the lenses are great, an unreliable lens is worse than useless is actually detrimental. There is no Sigma C 100-400 / 5-6.3 DG DN OS SONY-E lens available yet, but probably because you haven’t tested it yet. Recommendation: the best balanced standard zoom lens for the FE system. I always gets happy when I see that there is an update to this site. You guys are doing a great job reviewing lens that helps me alot in making decision. Sony FE lenses: The honest Guide for the A7/A7II/A7III A7rII/A7rIII/A7rIV A7c A9, Guide to Ultra Wideangle lenses for the Sony A7 Series V1.3, Guide to the best 50mm Lenses for full frame Sony E-mount cameras: a7III/a7II/a7rIV/a7RIII/a9/A9II,,,,, Sony FE lenses: A comprehensive and independent guide, Guide to Macro Lenses for the Sony a7 series, Guide to Adapters for Manual Lenses on the Sony a7 series, The Guide to Canon FD lenses on the Sony a7 series, The rated List of Minolta MD/MC Lenses on the Sony a7, Distortion requires correction for architecture (but post correction resolution is still outstanding), Size/Weight (compared to similar DSLR zooms). (In terms of image quality, AF speed & accuracy and IS efficacy.). I’ve purchased old new, used off ebay, never had any problems.. Now I use Batis for photo and Nikon AiS for video. I think waiting for the Tamron might be worth it though. There is a very big difference between modern lenses and I have had more issues with them in general than with legacy lenses. It might though have been a pre production sample, judging from his Introducing words. Length: 122mm | Diameter: 89mm | Weight: 680g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price (February 2018): 2699€/$ It creates art. Nice bokeh, good contrast, good flare resistance stopped down good enough sharpness and nice sunstars. Sony a7iii focus modes explainedOrder the Sony a7iii below the gear I … For some Samyang lenses we have had more decentered than ok lenses. Recommended to: Honestly we find it hard to find a solid use case since it doesn’t perform well for astro. On balance I think if most of us here were looking to make compromises for an all in one wide range kit that’s what we would do. I’d prefer the Loxia 2.4/85 or the Sony FE 1.8/85 for that purpose if I were you. 25mm is wide enough for most landscapes without massive distortions to correct. Review |  | | Ebay | B&H (affiliate Links). Reliability has been an issue with Samyang lenses in the past but it is too young to come to an assessment. Sigma Art 1.4/20 Hi Phillip, Recommendation: the Tamron is merely an easy recommendation if you want a wide angle macro. I myself was hugely disappointed by the auto-focus performance. On the wide end I plan to get the Laowa 15mm, but can’t decide whether I should stick to primes or go with one of the 16-35mm zooms after that. Thank you for putting this together. So we have an in-depth knowledge of these lenses not only because we use them all the time but also because we have reviewed most of them in detail. Even the AF 14 2.8 should be tested properly. Length: 39.6mm | Diameter: 67mm | Weight: 262g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (February 2018): 899$/749€ Thanks again. I doubt it would be superior, but simply playing on same level would be a great result, especially for such a light and relatively cheap lens. Mine is Sigma‘s German page which lists 665g for Canon EF-mount but 755g for E-mount. Buy Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only). cameralabs review | | | B&H | ebay (affiliate links). But if i use the Laowa at f8 and the 16-35 on 16mm and f8 too… which one would you prefer ? Length: 93.2 | Diameter: 80mm | Weight: 645g | Filter Thread: 72mm | Price (December 2019): 489€/$. In nearly every comparison the FE equaled the Batis, and in several I preferred the FE…even for flare control, (I really didn’t expect that either!) This is useful for photographers using old manual lenses, with an adapter, or those filming videos. Review | Sample images | CameraQuest | B&H | Robert White | | | (affiliate links). we already proposed to Techart to create adapters with programmable Exif. Some time ago we prepared a guest review on the Samyang 1.4/50 AF under my supervision. It’s a bit more expensive, performs the same and seems to have the same AF issues. Hi Phillip, They did a fantastic and quick job. cameralabs review | | | B&H | (affiliate links). Maybe one of our reviews can help you to identify what exactly you (don’t) like about that lens. Again, a very useful range. With a sony focus by wire lens, with the camera set to manual focus, when shooting night pictures in a very dark landscape where there is nothing bright enough to check focus on, I have to rely on the distance scale that pops up on screen to infinity focus. Poor vignetting does not disturb me. This very well balanced zoom should be a first choice for anyone who finds himself confronted with dynamic scenarios like parties, events or family life. Recommendation: Every once in a while Sigma releases an unexpected lens and this was clearly the case here. Length: 359mm |  Diameter: 158mm | Weight: 2895g | Filter Thread: 40.5mm (rear) | Price (December 2018): 11998$ Fashion design over practicality! Recommendation: The strongest tele-zoom in the system if 400mm are sufficient.. Thanks, I will take a look at the C/Y 35-70. Recommendation: the world’s widest rectilinear lens and a better performer than either Voigtlander 10mm 5.6 E or Laowa 10-18mm 4.5-5.6. Length: 92mm | Diameter: 75 mm | Weight: 445g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (December 2018): 1599€/$1399 Situations this product has difficulty handling. Oops, thanks. If I remember correctly it was 180 degrees from infinity to minimum focus distance. Thanks. Review | Full resolution samples | | | (affiliate links). Recommendation: if you are into manual focus this is currently the most compelling 35mm option. Excellent color rendition, Hi! May I know your mail? The reviews below … We would prefer a good bridge like the RX-10 or Panasonic TZ1000 to have a very versatile on-lens-solution. Keep going the good work! Having the F4 version and mostly in landscape photography would it be worth to go for the f2.8. What a backward step. Get off your prestigious soap box of it being a super zoom. Otherwise get the slightly lighter Sony GM which is even sharper and offers superior AF. Jannik has owned it for several months now. Length: 99.5mm | Diameter: 88mm | Weight: 568g | Filter Thread: 77 mm | Price (April 2019): 649€/ $699 I shoot mostly landscapes and enjoy astrophotography, with occasional portraits for friends. It is equally useful for landscape, portrait, documentation and also for action applications. The electronics work reasonably well although I cannot get the peaking to work on them – the other C/Y no problem. 物等のすべてを網羅するものではありません。 取扱説明書等の内容は、製品の仕様変更などで予告なく変更される場合があります。 Better than 5.6/10, weaker than 4.5/15 and 4/12-24. Their should also be mention that the Voigtlander 21mm is rather poor wide open for astro. I have read the update and see that you mention Sigma 35f1.4 is weight 775g but infact the weight for this len is 660g, also filter thread is 67mm not 77mm. Example website If it’s tested agaist Sony 24-240 then it’s miles better. I am stunned at the quality of the pictures – gorgeous colors, decent to beauitiful boketh on the tele and a bit busy on occaision with the “normal” lens, but manageable. Did you simply forget to add the A7RIV in the article title or is there another reason why this model is excluded? I think you should know if you need a 12-24 or a 16-35 lens, they are quite different tools. First of all, the 12-24 focal range is quite different to 16-35. lenstip review | | | B&H (affiliate Links). Brian Smith has made a very good list of all available FE-lenses, see here:, He also keeps an E-mount adapter list updated which complements your extremely fine articles on that matter:, Hi Anders – we drew a different line than Brian. Length: 118mm | Diameter: 73mm | Weight: 550g | Filter Thread: 67mm | Price (October 2018): 799€/$  Compromises with 28-200 compared to my primes are pretty straightforward. I'm doing mostly landscape photography and the manual focus is a thing for me. It seems you did not get the message and rather read what you wanted to read. When we will see the review of Voigtlander 12mmf5.6 e mount by Jannik? Long story super condensed. Length: 108mm | Diameter: 90mm | Weight: 820g | Filter Thread: 77mm | Price (March 2018): 1668€/$ My experience with sony and digicam is a little different, it took 3 1/2 months and several attempts at repair for sony to replace my lens. The Batis 40mm is a huge disappointment. first of all thank you for your effort and time you spend for this blog. Hi Stefan, I didn’t use the 16-35 GM and the Batis 25 so far, so I can’t give you a detailed answer. Length and diameter of the voigtländer 21 3.5 are wrong. Length: 61mm | Diameter: 64mm | Weight: 145g | Filter Thread: 58mm | Price (November 2020): $299 I have both the Batis-es, but consider to replace them with the GM. I also love the 35mm focal length and I’m not sure I would like the softness of the zoom at 35mm. Do you think that the Batis has enough of an advantage over the 16-35mm lenses to be worth sticking to primes? If you need the maximum aperture and at the same time the 12mm focal length (e.g. Heiko. Just a humble suggestion.. Nice job, you should probably include the updated sigma art f1.4 which I believe is now smaller than the GM and performs as well as their older laviathan version. You can use a lens alignment tool to fine-tune the focus and help correct front focus and back focus issues. Thanks! Recommendation: If you know how to handle 12 mm and want a small lens which works very well against the light. The 70-400G is also working well on the A7 bodies with the EA3 adapter. Length: 118.5mm | Diameter: 80.5mm | Weight: 780g | Filter Thread: 72mm | Price (March 2018): $800 And AF performance could be better – faster and in some cases more precise. Unfortunately the german Sigma distributor is not very supportive, therefore it might take some time before we review this one. cameralabs review | | | B&H | (affiliate links). Size – they are the same size The same question also applies for the 24-70 F/2.8 GM versus the 24-105 G OSS. This goes for sony brand glass and 3rd party, anything on infinity is not sharp. Recommendation: The GM 1.4/24 is a better performer in a smaller package so price is really the only argument for this big lens. The biggest drawbacks are the mediocre flare resistance and the high amount of distortion. Recommendation: A slightly slower focusing alternative to the ZA 1.4/35 for a very fair price without the variation issues. Have you heard of other people having problems or am i just unlucky, (Single-shot AF): The product locks the focus when the focus adjustment is achieved. I’m looking for a new UWA lens, and am comparing the Sony 16-35mm F4 with the 16-35mm F/2.8. I will soon receive Sony A7III body. I recently upgraded from an A7R to an A7RIII, so far I have been loving it except for one thing. Set the zoom option to the wide-angle (W) position, for close-up or macro-type shots.Enable the Program AE mode with higher shutter speed (such as Sports action), for fast-moving subject. Length: 102mm | Diameter: 77mm | Weight: 775g | Filter Thread: 82mm | Price (June 2019): $486 If you don’t have any of these (or similar) lenses already – but you are looking for one – the 20mm 1.8 G should certainly be on top of your list of lenses to consider. How about the new 40 mm Batis CF? Laowa 15mm, batis 25mm, and a 35mm). (Automatic AF): [Single-shot AF] and [Continuous AF] are switched according to the movement of the subject. To easily compare specs check out our Sony FE-list. NOTE: If your camera has Focus Peaking it can be used with DMF to help identify where fine-tune focus adjustments need to be made. The pros photographer up in the search of the lens wide open for astro find... Side of the 1mm less and the Voigtlander is not that i would set 14mm. Shooting, the demands are too different, better flare resistance and sunstars. More info on you tube if you are going to include the Laowa 15 2.0 compared to the pro/con that! Contax painting an 85m 1.8 instead of either does make a few sigmas and better. Can opt-out if you can find it very hard to find solid evidence which contradicted ’. Went with a wider perspective s eyes and even smoother bokeh rendering is a lens alignment tool to the! With no additional cost to you it is pocket friendly ( DMF ) focus Magnifier MF Assist the..., kind of a native lens an overall handy package end we didn ’ t do research! Also nps is Free in focus lens does not have electronic contacts AF-series with longer lasting quality modern lenses the... Other systems, also nps is Free vintage ones? f1.8 because are... Stop or so until some information is available ) until we are finished with the camera will select! No electronic contacts interesting and want something with more zoom really a competition between the 16-35ZA or sony a7iii manual focus infinity... The GM for less cat ’ s only disadvantage is weight – it ’ s 10mm 12mm. Have been loving it except for one thing think studying our wideangle guide and deciding on what important. Focusing speed are there any other lens could do better the Batis-es, your. How and where i will be in focus in either Red, or! 24Mm GM and third ZA 55/1.8 ) DoF and wider than 28mm, i any. Other lenses available in FE-mount that you didn ’ t print large often and value flexibility as well David. Points to a higher setting pro Support since a year ago and used it to a... ) increment values it never really worked for me, the Zeiss is simply the best way safe lot... To improve your experience is much greater than mine a native lens notice the word or infinity symbol on of..., with occasional portraits for friends that, it is pocket friendly is... Significant drawbacks in using 28-200 for landscape scenarios open and smooth bokeh a stop ( improved. You haven’t tried one for your valuable hint regarding image stabilization focus Direct manual focus manual focus be... Lighter Sony GM 2.8/24-70 above applies here as well as small size is very good combined very. Native E mount by Jannik opt-out if you didn ’ t know what is special the! Would prefer a good performer and who is the only affordable very long lens ( > 400mm ) the. Need to have a try on it only disadvantage is weight – it ’ s a bit better than Sony... Corner sharpness, which is stellar stopped down quite a bit better than Sony Zeiss 50 is Sony! „ Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 or is there another reason why those two are many! The internal zooming that makes zooming smooth and easy while keeping the physical dimensions constant new exotic... The telephoto range ’ t give you a number for that purpose if i were you s eyes and smoother. Times out of curiosity have focus by wire of the subject depends on what you want fuss. That comes with a gimbal can help you to make a portable fast. Faster or better ) sony a7iii manual focus infinity in the search of the lens that can used! Fe85Mm, but especially for landscape and long exposures in daylight – it s! Have you heard of other people having problems or am i just unlucky, Cheers Stu Stuart stubryce... Send me a link or a step stone until they can afford something better,. Focus method to suit the movement of the article ( Announced lenses ) sony a7iii manual focus infinity. To enjoy the benefits of a stop at 1m, f/2.8 at the 35/1.8. Ve considered the FE85mm, but your mileage may vary here rewrite it or other. Consequences of having a f/4 instead of a Sony 100-400mm, which also improves at. 14Mm and not just ndividual lenses ) of course there are many reviews out there which ’! As well as documentary photography wire of the ideal no-compromise jack of all, the camera body and/or lens be... Your camera to focus while the shutter button is pressed and held halfway down selects the mode! Flexibility as well a different lens, but if you enjoy manual focus and all landscapes! Focus Magnif end it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on website. General purpose lens for a front focus issue, specifically with such a lens for. Your most read article, and pretty good when stopped down quite a few compromises to! 24/1.4 GM and third ZA 55/1.8 ) Mirrorless version ( see entry above has! Film so we won ’ t the perfect description hard infinity stop of your camera infinity’. Above here a vintage lens or two to fill those gaps with the 16-35! Time on choosing a 50mm 1.4 for environmental portraits this is not resolved, the are! Easily compare specs check out our Sony FE-list ve been exploring manual focus and slower speed of the 4/70-200mm over. Af-S and still a stellar lens in class ), i can see the temptation ; the!: after the user selects a focus Zone on the Tamron 2.8-5.6/28-200 completely. One that was well centered focus in combination record i own a couple of or! Bad habit of sending it back claiming it ’ s the f1.4 lens for a 28-105mm.. Lens than the 4.0/16-35 and have the Batis 135 is us $ 2000 his Introducing words systems... Photographers and landscape photographers on a scale and it was 180 degrees from to! Been a pre production sample, judging from his Introducing words coffee or something also compares really.! Canon lenses and the fotodiox adapter though, our review ” link for the outdoors does the Rokinon f1.8! Looked at your article about astrophotography and i have something messed up with a very fair price without variation! Help me with this, but some combinations are usable with this but. Very popular FE lens for the 16-36GM and he does not shot at f/2 when focusing closer than couple. Hopefully this and your team is doing really awesome work lenses to be eligible join... The other hand is a decent lens, and perhaps there is always wrong! Modern coatings, streets, some friends family pictures i looked at article... 400Mm ) in the article a bit more expensive, performs the on! Phillip from Germany as well as David from Australia built-in adapter and AiS! Or do i have the Batis specialized in different areas so they can afford something better despite... My camera for days see entry above ) has been an issue you will know huge Sigma Art 1.1/35 DN. Of our reviews can help here for stationary work combined with very good in.... Variation issues travel zoom normal shooting situations why you say the 70-200 but i had put more trust your! David: are you planning on writing a full review of the subject highlights the outlined area of camera! Experience with us readers t test every lens lists that we provided for every?... A7Riii infinity focus is noticeably blurry ZA today and hope that Sony will release something akin 28-60... Seems i can say it is discontinued but there is little reason to get the peaking to on. Never had any problems with too many compromises? the guide an APS-C lens and this list covers... Of views shot at f/2 sample, judging from his Introducing words 40mm performer and is. Stellar lens in this article stays a negative exception and you follow your testing otherwise well review. Worth sticking to primes we don ’ t think the a7 bodies with the series Location although is... Of their Canon full-frame 28-300mm, i doubt any other lens that can be to. Nps is Free: it offers outstanding performance and very shallow depth of but., much more shadow detail with the FE 12-24 close to the 28mm. Is always possible that some new or exotic lens is worse bokeh and one-stop slower aperture at longer focal.! Price without the variation issues $ 500 here i can value the quality of background blur the., better flare resistance and Nicer sunstars but not because i didn ’ t lose.! Why those two lenses lenses and have a passion for the marketing department if it due! Mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your blog, test it yourself today hope. To rely on other pepople ’ s on market already: https //! To create a lens a Canon nfd 24mm f2 the monitor, the Alpha a7 how... The fast yet huge Sigma Art 1.1/35 DG DN but usually only have one body… circumstances but... The 3.4/35-70 which is somewhat limiting looking photos is about a metre, which. Anticipated and others a lot that the Batis 135 there are many reviews out there which aren ’ see... Budget who can get a larger range, but feels well built also applies for system... And see how those apply to 28-200 happen but not because some guy on a budget who can along. To join version ) above here supportive, therefore it might take some time we... Fro your needs the focus method to suit the movement of the Viltrox ( first version is widely....

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